iMetrik GPS Vehicle Tracking: Protecting Auto Dealerships and Vehicle Owners

Vehicles are not just products for auto dealerships; they’re investments. Dealers typically continue to make revenue on purchased vehicles long after they’re sold, and lease vehicles continue to be important financial investments as they are leased to different customers. Like any other kind of financial investment, it’s important that dealerships protect vehicles against theft and delinquent payments. GPS vehicle tracking devices provide auto dealerships with an extremely effective way of protecting their vehicle investments at a very low cost.iMetrik is a new brand in GPS auto tracking technology which is quickly becoming the GPS vehicle tracking brand preferred by most auto dealerships. iMetrik’s GPS vehicle tracking devices offer a number of state-of-the-art features, including real time, 24/7 locational tracking.The most common reasons car dealers use iMetrik GPS vehicle tracking devices (and GPS auto tracking units in general) include:Protection Against Auto TheftInstalling GPS tracking devices into sold vehicles is a way to guarantee the new owner protection against auto theft. GPS tracking devices record pinpoint location in real time, allowing the auto dealership to find the stolen vehicle and alert the authorities to its whereabouts. GPS vehicle tracking devices greatly increase the chances of recovering stolen vehicles, allowing better protection of both the owner’s property and the dealership’s investment.Protection Against Car Payment DelinquencyReminding auto owners of their delinquent payments by mail or phone calls can be time consuming, costly and, above all, ineffective. Recovering vehicles which have passed their payment grace periods can be even more costly, particularly if the vehicle’s owner has moved and left no forwarding address. GPS vehicle tracking devices solve the hassle of both payment reminders and vehicle recovery. iMetrik GPS auto tracking recovery units not only track exact vehicle location in real time, but they also allow auto dealerships to notify vehicle owners of delinquent payments directly through the vehicle itself. Car dealers can schedule notifications to be sent to the owner through the vehicle console, alerting the vehicle owner to the urgency of their situation.If owners continue to be delinquent on payments, auto dealerships can disable the vehicle through remote starter interruption. Once owners make the necessary payments, the vehicle may resume use.iMetrik GPS Tracking Device FeaturesIn addition to specialized recovery unit features for auto dealerships and lease vehicles, iMetrik GPS vehicle tracking units offer an easy-to-use web-based interface. Auto dealerships can organize vehicles into groups, search for vehicles by VIN or customer ID number and view locational mapping in real time. iMetrik GPS auto units are smaller than average GPS vehicle tracking devices, allowing for more discreet placement.